Pierangelo Lanfranchi

 Photography | Lake Como -Italy | London – England | New York -USA |Bermuda

Landscape, Portrait & Natural Beauty Photography

I work a lot on digital photography, and in 2002, two of my pictures were published in Time magazine. On the 2nd anniversary of September 11, there was an article on Bermuda, and I met a couple of reporters working on the article.

They asked me if I had some pictures of Bermuda, so I said ‘sure’ and gave them a CD with some pictures. About two months later, two of my pictures were published in the magazine, with my name on them. Everyone asked me if I got paid, and I told them ‘no’, but I considered it a great honour to be in Time Magazine.

See The World Through My Eyes

I am very fortunate to live in such a beautiful country such as Bermuda, but equally, I am very lucky to be able to travel around the world capturing its uniqueness in many other countries. 

Featured in the Bermudian Magazine

“Well-known manager of the Harbourfront Restaurant at BUEI, Pierangelo Lanfranchi is steadily building a name for himself on the local art scene with his stunning landscape photography. Originally from Lake Como, Italy, Lanfranchi is equally passionate about food, photography and Bermuda. Here, he talks to The Bermudian about how he got started, his inspirations and his future goals.” 

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